Sopwith Camel F1 39.2" N117

Skill Level: Intermediate

More than 350 parts

Sopwith Camel F1 39.2"

Scale: 1/9
Prop: 10x6
Channels: R/E/A/T
Wheels: Balsa Ply w Neo Tires
Wingspan: 39.2"
Airfoil Type: flat bottomed
Wing Area: 460 sq in
Cowl: built up balsa and plywood
Designer: M.K. Bengtson
Weight: ~28 oz ready to fly
Spinner: N/A
Power System:AXI 2217/20 brushless outrunner
Sophwith Camel  F1 39.2"
Sophwith Camel  F1 39.2"
Sophwith Camel  F1 39.2"
Sophwith Camel  F1 39.2"

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  • One piece construction
  • Top and bottom wing alignment is built into design
  • Scale dihedral with ailerons
  • Plywood cabane struts insure proper alignment of top wing
  • Box front fuselage, built up rear
  • Plywood and balsa dummy motor
  • Plywood landing gear in scale outline


Probably the second most famous fighter of WWI, the Camel is only eclipsed by the Fokker Triplane in terms of renown.

The characteristic wing layout of the Sopwith Camel with the flat top wing and 5 degree dihedral on the bottom wing came about for production efficiency. It was originally planned to have dihedral on both top and bottom wings but a flat wing is easier to build. The lower wing dihedral was increased to 5 degrees as a compensation.